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Childwood Growing Room Palma (2D-COM-70) -30% Sold out

Childwood Growing Room Palma (2D-COM-70)

PALMA WHITE:modern design with natural wood accentsConsists of *Wardrobe 2 doors + drawer*Chest + ex..

1,183.00€ 830.00€
Ex Tax: 685.95€
Childwood Room "Rockford Sands" -40%

Childwood Room "Rockford Sands"

Childwood Rockford Sands-Wardrobe  doors-Chest XL with extension-Cot 60x120..

1,927.00€ 1,149.00€
Ex Tax: 949.59€
Childwood Room Hampton White (2D-COM-70) -43% Sold out

Childwood Room Hampton White (2D-COM-70)

Childwood Hampton WhiteClassic white design, top qualityThe set consists of:* Hampton White Cabinet ..

2,585.00€ 1,480.00€
Ex Tax: 1,223.14€
Childwood Room Lalande (2D-COM-60) -35%

Childwood Room Lalande (2D-COM-60)

Childwood Lalande:modern design finished with wooden legs.This set consists of:* Lalande Cupboard 2 ..

1,375.00€ 895.00€
Ex Tax: 739.67€
Childwood Room Quadro -Configurator- -15%

Childwood Room Quadro -Configurator-


1,002.00€ 850.00€
Ex Tax: 702.48€
Childwood Room Retro Rio -Configurator- -15%

Childwood Room Retro Rio -Configurator-

CHILDWOOD RETRO RIO:modern design with natural wood accents..

996.00€ 845.00€
Ex Tax: 698.35€