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Zzzoo Airgosafe Panther Baby Mattress - 60x120 cm

Zzzoo Airgosafe Panther Baby Mattress - 60x120 cm

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Zzzoo Airgosafe Panther Baby Mattress

The Airgosafe Panther allows your baby to stretch out and breathe freely in the highest comfort.
This is a very safe mattress that, thanks to the breathable Airgosafe topper, is ideal for small stomach sleepers and gives your baby a cuddly soft feeling.

The Airgosafe topper ensures good hygiene, optimal air circulation in the mattress and a constantly fresh and clean environment.
This Airgosafe Panter baby mattress is very user-friendly.
The removable Airgosafe topper is machine washable and has a fast drying time.
You have never slept so peacefully.


Core: cold foam HR 30 kg/m³
Ticking: 60% tencel + 40% polyester
Height: 11 cm + 1.5 cm airgosafe topper
Warranty: 3 years

Excellent lying comfort
Extra protective topper


Breathable (score: 5/5)
The Airgosafe Panther consists of a mattress and an air-permeable Airgosafe topper. The Airgosafe technology received 10/10 from the Consumers' Association in the Netherlands, which conducted air permeability tests. The Airgosafe mattress topper allows 2013 litres/m²/second to pass through and came out on top in the test.

Lying comfort (score: 5/5)
The Airgosafe Panther has a cold foam core and a Tencel cover. Cold foam offers firm sleeping comfort and good ventilation. The padded Tencel cover provides extra soft, moisture-regulating and hygienic comfort.

Anti-allergic (score: 4/5)
The Airgosafe Panther combines an ergonomic mattress with the air-permeable Airgosafe topper. The topper ensures maximum air permeability of 2013 litres/m²/second. The cold foam core guarantees good ventilation and hygiene.

Ecological (score: 3/5)
The Airgosafe Panther has a Tencel cover, made from eucalyptus trees and therefore a natural product. The Airgosafe topper is made of polyester, a synthetic but easily recyclable material.

Use (daily)
The Airgosafe Panther belongs to the highest quality level of our mattresses, ideal for daily use.
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